Analysis of the old ad:

To much content – Ads should be short and to the point

Your name is repeated twice – waste of space

Since 1995? – Nobody cares – people are looking at experience and price only. Are you going to show up or rip them off???

To much wasted space with the old logo.

Testing – Testing – Testing!!!!

Ad content is about testing what get calls, week by week. Bad ads that get no calls are dumped, good ads that get calls are run again and tested to new ads. Rinse and repeat.

Its all about the numbers – How many calls per week can you get????

New ads:

We promote “Residential Concrete Services” that’s what you do!!!

We promote the website with a special landing page “Offer” Lets talk about this.

I love “Small Jobs? YES!!!” That’s all residential concrete services are, if you compare them to commercial concrete. So we want to tell home owners we want there business with that one line.

Phone number is big!

We need to run one ad for a week or two – track the calls. Then we run another ad for a week or 2, track the calls. Rinse and repeat. At some point we will find an ad that pulls twice as many calls.

We can keep building different ads – don’t be afraid to try something new!!!

Rinse and repeat!!!